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Handy use for "something" not intended for jewelry w=

Precedence: bulk

 but then again I can't seem to throw out anything before taking
it apart to see if there is something salvageable in there that may
come in handy someday

Kate Wolf I agree with you completely. I suspect all of us on this
forum fall into that category [and sympathy those who have a partner
that does not share the pack rat tendencies]

So, I have found that my Ultrasonic toothbrush head has 2 of the
most amazingly strong magnets attached. They’re tiny - about 1/8 x =BC
inch. They come off cleanly with tile nippers. Now let’s see: that’s
2 magnets per head times 2 heads [my husband’s and mine] times
suggested replacement of 6 months times ? years…Hey, We can
always use magnets. Actually, they’re so small and so strong that I
have thought of incorporating them into clasps for bracelets or

The second item is from my spa. We have a cartridge that is replaced
each 4 months. For killing bacteria it has silver filings in some
sort of a binder and the cartridge also has ceramic balls as filler.
I sawed off the top, emptied the cartridge and am saving the
contents. I figure the left over silver material will go into the
reclaiming bin and the =BC inch +/- diameter white ceramic balls are
good for something. I just haven’t figured out WHAT!!!

Orchid Rules!..Karla, watching the hummingbirds visit the
cannas outside my window.