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Handling displays at out-of-town shows


I’m trying to figure out a strategy for changing up which shows I
participate in this year and am a bit stuck on how some of you handle
the logistics for some shows. For example, I was considering applying
for the Chicago “one of a kind” show, but am about a 16-18 hour drive
from there. That’s simply too long a drive to handle comfortably with
my booth strapped to the top of my vehicle and the car itself packed
to the gills with my show stuff. Between “wind-shift” and the need to
readjust and monitor the load periodically, I’m feeling that about 4
hours would be my maximum, which limits me to a perimeter bounded by
Baltimore/Washington, Pittsburgh, and upstate NY. I’m not, however,
comfortable driving with an add-on trailer. Nor do I have a big
budget (ha!) for shipping the booth via freight.

So for those of you who do shows all over, how do you handle getting
into that circuit? Do you rent pipe and drape or a booth in the city
you’re visiting and only carry your specialty displays and
merchandise? Rent a truck? Or what? What are the options?

I feel like I must be missing something obvious and would love to
hear how the rest of you handle this.

Many Thanks!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry


I have a pickup, I would like to get a van though.


Hey Karen,

Choices for shows AWAY from home:

  1. Ship your display with a ‘Show’ shipper (they will deliver right
    to your booth) and drive or fly to the show;

  2. Rent a van that will hold all your stuff;

  3. Rent display cases, rug and pipe and drape from the show
    ’decorator’ (rent whatever you can’t fit in your car or check for
    the plane trip).

One exhibiting jewelry artist had three or four display located in
various show areas around the country. All he had to do was fly out,
rent a van and pick up the displays. Not for me, but…worked for

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses

I was wondering about buying some type of showcases that would be
easy to travel with. What about glass cubicles to put together. I do
not like the flat ones. What do you use?

Thanks Eric

You might want to check out the travelling system made by It’s pricey but excellent. I’ve used their
collabsible aluminum base supports for years and been very happy with

Allan Mason