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Dave, I have come in the middle of a “thread” or discussion about hand
finishing. However, you asked in one of your posts if anyone has used
the new 3-M wheels. I just bought the complete set of the 3-M
abrasive “flap wheels” to polish a rather complex form made of
silver. The large sculptural form was scratched and dented from wear.
Of course, I used burnishers etc to repair the surface, but the 3-M
wheels were an absolute joy to use on this complicated surface. The
flexiblility of the wheels allowed me to get into difficult curves
while keeping the direction of the sanding marks consistent. I do not
know about longevity of the wheels, but they show little wear from
polishing this large piece. I was so pleased, I bought an additional
set in the larger size wheels.

Dianne (Beixy)