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Handcrafted wine bottle stopper with a silver top


Hello Orchidians,

I need a nice, handcrafted wine bottle stopper with a silver top, as
a gift for some friends on their 25th wedding anniversary. To be
accompanied by a really good (possibly 25-year old) bottle of wine.
Would anyone here be willing to make me one? Would precious metal
clay be a good material for this application?

I’d like it to be attached to a tapered cork stopper. If you’ve
never made one, here’s one I like, for its simplicity:, though the top is
wood. I like texture and functionality, I’d want it to fit and feel
good in the hand. I’m thinking: an attractively textured knob.

I’d need it by July 22.

Let me know. It would be better for me if you replied to me off

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts


Hi Christine,

Does it have to be silver top? I found these bottle stoppers, they
are very nice. May be you would like to look at them.

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan saying hello from Montreal