Hand soap

Hi guys, Red here.

I have to share some good news. I bought my kid some hand soap
and today, and when I was washing up I ran out of the industrial
hand cleaner I normally use. I used his soap and WOW. I was
amazed. I have used any number of high power cleaners and
solvents, and have never found something this effective. It
cleaned all of the buffing comound from the pores in my skin. It
was not abrasive and did not leave my skin dry. It is called
"Goo Gone" and is anti bacterial, mild enough for kids ( says so
on the package) biodegradable, no petrolium base solvents, smells
like oranges, and cuts grease. No I am not selling the stuff I
am just excited. I have gone through a lot of hand cleaners and
this one is amazing. I found it at Lowes a hardware store. It is
manufactured by Magic American corp. 1- 800 321-6330. Also I
ran into a great deal on silicone rubber casting pads today. The
type that are used in vacuum casting. If anyone out there is in
need of some I will sell them for $8.00 each. They go for around
16.00 in the Gesswein catalouge. I have about 2000 of them and I
know I will never need that many, but I could not let the entire
roll of this stuff go once I had found it. Geeze me an tools, I
get myself into more trouble. RED