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Hand sling casting, sling caster, alternative centrifugal casting machine method at home, getting started in casting

This is something I want to type up for people who are interested in getting started in casting but don’t want to go out and buy a machine for hundreds of dollars. This method costs under $50-60. Before you buy one, you gotta try this method! Its fun and easy and anyone can do it just make sure you are away from anything that can catch fire because you will almost definitely sling molten metal at one point or another.
This is how I started casting, basically I knew I wanted to learn and i talked my dad into helping me sling molten metal all over the place. That was years ago and i now have a casting machine but thought I would share this video i made for anyone who wants to get started. If you have questions i will try to get back to you on them!
Enjoy and be safe!

Wow! Not for the faint of heart!