Hand made?

Dear Jim,

              interpreting 23.3a (...the entire shaping and
forming of such product from raw materials and its finishing and
decoration were accomplished by hand labor... etc.): 

e.g. I carve a wax (“raw material… by hand labor”) I mix up
investment by hand and make a mould. After I burn out the mould, I
melt up 18ct yellow gold “raw material”. I manually control my
centrifugal or vacuum caster and pour the gold. I clean up my
casting, filing by hand. I decorate with a hand engraved texture. I
finish off polishing, holding it with my fingers against the buffs.
Voila! A hand made cast piece of jewellery, surely?

I can’t see that I would be violating any part of 23.3b. or any FTC
restriction. But then again, I’m just a simple jeweller, not a
bureaucrat. Kind regards, Rex (in unstifled Australia)


By jove, you’ve got it!! Who wrote up the law? Lawyers,
bureaucrats, specialists in everything but jewelry making!!??
Idealists…not realists the bunch of them. Its like the recent
creation of the law to stop ‘blood diamonds’. I know there are many
out there who are passionate about this subject, but…just as
many, perhaps more, see little worth in the law. If you read it, it
is legalese at its worst. Obviously created by politicos and other
well-meaning but ill informed ‘specialists’ who want to make a name
for themselves in the arena of hype and passion.

So one makes a beautiful ‘hand made’ piece of jewelry using all the
specified parts and pieces named in the law…than sets a $1.50
machine cut stone??

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

We Went over the FTC Guide lines in class, i believe that anything
other than a flex shaft and Buffer eliminate jewelry from the “hadn
made area” those two tools are allowed only because it saves time on
the process of drilling and pollishing, both are not part of the
"Making" of the item only steps that can be produced faster than non
powered tools that do the same thing.

I am pretty sure the FTC will not come and find you! but if they do
you may face fines and retroactive fines as well. we know the Gov.
likes to get all your back taxes and fines.

Aaron A Tracy