Hand made -FTC guidelines-

My first disclaimer, I am not the FTC, and I am just a little guy
like the rest of you. Now, I posted this before, and we went over it
in class, I was given the impression that the FTC would not allow
anything that was not made entirely by hand to be called hand made,
(no findings, castings or machine made) the only exceptions is the
Flex shaft and the polishing wheel, the reason being is that those
two items do not change the process of making it by hand only assist
it as another tool, the milling machine, hydraulic stamping press and
casting machine replace the =93HAND=94 in hand made. A drill is a dril=
if powered by hand or motor, but a casting machine does not even need
you to have hands. That is what I was taught in class, and some of
the others had a fit about it too, like bead stringing, clasp from
stuller, not hand made, can be hand strung though. Ferrari
automobiles are hand assembled, but not hand made.

Aaron A Tracy