Hand Filer

Nitto Kohki ASH-900 Super Hand Filer

Anyone use one of these? I want one bad.


i habe not, but habe always been curious about them…

check out artco tools as well

they have a section on filers


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I am not sure what you want to do with this piece of equipment that you can’t already do by hand or with the tools that you already have. Those specifications call for a compressor that I might not want running in my shop. Look at abrasive wheels running on your flex shaft or ceramic stones that can be used on a pneumatic engraving hand piece…Rob


I agree completely with everything you said. I like to minimize the use of my compressor because it’s so noisy.

And hand files and the Foredom can do anything that this would do for me. Recently I have been fantasizing buying an old die filer. But they are crazy expensive, and I don’t need one. I was thinking that this hand filer might fit the bill, but yeah…I really don’t need either.

The tool you are looking belongs to another trade, a subset of Tool and Die making called Mold Polishing. Plastic injection press tooling is polished to mirror finish and being made from hardened steel requires different tools.
You can explore this expensive tools by looking at suppliers for these trades.



i stumbled onto this on the Gesswein wensite…ultrasonic burnisher/ filer

…interesting…i have seem the pneumatic filers/ profilers…the attachments of which always seem too large…but this ultrasonic burnisher looks interesting…pointed tungsten tip…

i have bought the ceramic files to use with a hand held holder…but i don’t find them very effective…perhaps hand power is not the best for them…maybe high speed reciprocating is better…?


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