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Hand fabricated platinum earrings for my youngest client ever

"OK… lt me start this out by saying that this is my youngest client…ever !

I get a call, “Hi Mr Grahl, My dad said I could call and ask you to make me some earrings”

Say I…

Hi Allie, what would you like?.. " I really like pearls and pink sapphires, my dad said you can help…"

So help we do, the following is for 8 year old Allie’s freshly pierced ears (now she won’t have to borow Mom’s, doesn’t mean Mom won’t borrow these though…)

Watch the process unfold in hand fabricated platinum, 4.5 mm Akoya pearls (as removable studs) and diamond cut natural pink sapphires in detachable jackets.


very lovely Jim


Thanks Les,
I appreciate the note.

Absolutely stunning jim,
you turned that young lady into a princess. i kknow she will feel as
though shes on top of the world.

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Thank you,
that was the most endearing call I’ve ever received.
It was really inspiring to get her request.

Beautiful and fascinating to see how you do it. Thank you for sharing!

Laura S-A

you’re welcome,
Thank you very much

Can’t see the pictures.

The pictures are not coming up for me either.

I can’t see the pics either. But I do recall having seen them when first posted, so something has changed…

Janet in Jerusalem

@janetb can’t see these either

This is odd actually… it may be a problem on our end (Orchid). @leah-ganoksin-admin any thoughts?

We trust u

am now getting same issue others are reporting. then again my phone is
as old as moses lol. will try via the tablet and report back.

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I’m not sure how much this will affect Orchid, but this came up the other day (Photobucket changing their policies for 3rd party hosting):
May be the causing the photo issues.

Not the cause, as those images were uploaded directly to Orchid.

Loving the irony of this comment.

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The pictures are back of this lovely project! Enjoy! :slight_smile:


@leah-ganoksin-admin you are awesome!

A lucky young lady! They are really beautiful.