Hammer texturing wax models

Looking for a tip or two about getting textures on wax models. The
most specific is how to get a surface on wax that comes out like if
the metal was hammered.

Thank you,

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Hi, Try using a round bur, maybe a 4mm, and lightly texture the wax
while running it in your flexshaft. That usually works for me.


Andreas - what is the function of the piece ? If it’s a large
bracelet wax the technique is different than a small ring wax model.
The ball burr size is important here.

I use a ball burr that has been polished with 600 sandpaper to create
the “hammered” look. Then I go over it with a small felt wheel. Make
sure to create different sizes of marks to recreate the hammered
areas. Call me if you need more direction.


3-5mm ball burs work great on wax for that hammered look. Try the
various sizes on some scrap wax… I find that this only works on
hard carving wax. After casting, I put the piece in a magnetic pin
tumbler for about half an hour. This brightens the finish without
acting on the hammered texture too agressively.

Good luck

I’ve no experience in this, but my first thought was perhaps
experiment with a planishing hammer, or other metal implement with
the appropriate domed shape, that is warmed just enough to make the
impression you want in the wax.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV


I use warm… almost hot pieces if brass rod. Some as big as 4mm and
others about 1mm. I made mine by turning down larger pieces of rod
to the size I needed them. I put a wood knob on top of each to help
with the control. Get the entire wax nice and warm… heat up the rod
and just touch it to the wax where you want the texture. Use a test
piece first. You can get some really interesting textures this way. I
did polish the ends on mine. I have some that are rounded and some
that are flat on the ends.

Hope this helps. Dan.

Andreas, I just had this issue. I used a large ball bur, about 5 mm
round, in my flex shaft at a very slow speed. Made “random” surface
divits. It turned out good enough for the customer to get the idea of
what it would look like in metal. Then after cast, I used a ballpien
hammer to apply the hammer finish to roughly the same spots I burred.
This is just my 2 cents.


Hello Andrea, there are many ways to make textures without using
tips, nature is full of texture, a piece that you like can be
printed on a sheet of wax, cloth, plastic, etc, and then merge it
into silver and do for ejemlo a ring