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Hammer handpieces tips

Dear all

I have just received my new hammer handpiece and am looking into how
best to sort out tips for it. Living in the UK, where everything is
pricey, and being allergic to forking out for items one can make
oneself, I am slightly averse to paying ($28) for each new hammer
tip. Am I right in thinking that if I can fabricate something
similar by finding the correct type of screw and then either shaping
it to the correct hammer size for small heads, or brazing on a larger
bit of metal for a bigger head?

Has anyone tried this? If so, any advice on the making of these to
prevent damage to the hammer handpiece? I assume that I should keep
the weight down on the tip to prevent problems with resonance, and
that I should make sure that the threaded part of my home made tips
are fairly annealed so that they bend rather than snap if there is a
problem. Other than that, any thoughts?

Much appreciated

Chris Penner

I unscrewed my tip, annealed it, fashioned it into the shape I
wanted and polished it, then heated it to straw & quenched it in oil.
I’ve had it for 15+ years and have never had to do anything else to
it. I’ve since purchased a Chicago Air Scribe and have done the same
thing to the tip. I am going to give my hammer-handpiece to a friend
of mine since, compared with the Chicago, it’s useless.


I got all my hammer tips when I was in the UK and I am not sure I
paid for any of them. They came with the piece. I only use one. I
have a new piece that came with about 6. I use my hammer piece
rarely. I never use the pneumatic one as it isn’t as strong and I
prefer to use a burnisher.

I am not sure this helps, but my short answer is don’t pay $28 for a
bit of steel with a thread. If you have to pay so much then buy only

  1. I bet you can grind an old file and tap a thread to the end of
    it. You can buy a cheap tap & die set from a hardware shop. If your
    piece is new then I think you should have also been given a tip. Any
    of the tool shops I used in Brum’ would have helped. If you need a
    new tip as a replacement then I’d take it to a hardware shop and
    look for the same thread in a tapper. You’ll pay less then $28 and
    it might have more uses. The one I used for a start was the wrong
    thread, but I wrenched it in anyway and didn’t swap it for years.

Sorry to be so disjointed in my thoughts. It really annoys me that
someone could ask so much money for a simple tip.


Hi Chris

You didn’t say what model your hammer piece was. Fischers in
Pforzheim Germany [] have hammer
tips as low as $8.

mike kersley
Herts UK

Rio Grande has a package of 3 steel anvil points for $14.50. These
fit the Foredom Hammer Handpiece. I have altered the shapes of these
for specific tasks.

Joel Schwalb

Hi All,

You can use 4-48 tpi threads for the Foredom 15 & 15D and Badeco
Swiss hammer handpiece tips. The Grobet 34.241 and 34.245 handpiece
tip threads are 3.5mm X.6mm

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.