Hammer-Handpiece solved!

For this new topic on “Advanced Setting Tools” I will be using my very own special “Bedaco” hammer handpiece. I call it a rolls-royce, why so? This hammer might be expensive, but after a few applications, it turns out to be so very cheap & labour saving!
On every hammer-shaft at the rear & just forward of the ‘flex-shaft’, there is a ‘tension-mounting & rotating’ feature. The turning screw is to regulate this feature & decide which setting you need & at when & what level you need it at.
At this time I’m going to try & explain many things in this essay as to what part of the ‘anvil you should be using. Please remember, that these levels are my preference & nothing is proven until YOU the setter and jeweller find which is the ‘best tension level’ for you!.
What does your ‘hitting anvil’ look like at first glance? It has to be shaped to look like something you don’t buy at any tool-supplier. You must have the understanding in shaping the anvil to what you need today & tomorrow. Shown here is my modified “anvil”. You MUST remember that you will be using both corners of the anvil and as well the flat face, why do I say this? It is because I operate on the same level as you, I would use two sides of the rectangular shaped anvil, that is using the two corners and as well the front flat face.I shaped all of my anvils on my bench-grinder.Then I had it smoothed with my sanding-emery disk (medium grade) then using my pumice wheels of #180 grit. The front of the anvil was so carefully cleaned & ready for setting. Every few months I will clean the front-face and side-corners just to keep them in top shape. Any defects on the anvil, could be left on the hammering project. All of these features are for separate setting projects, interesting expose’! Difficult? Almost a resounding…Maybe!

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Gerry, would you describe how to lubricate this handpiece correctly. Also how to adjust tension. Thanks.

Hi Linda
To the best of my limited ability, I took two photographs showing how &
where the “twisting, tension-action” takes place.
The second question was ‘oiling’ I prefer not to do this myself, as the
last time all kinds of washers & mini-screws came & dropped out.
Good grief, I think the next time I’ll leave for the “Bedaco, tool-maven”
to help me!!! Not too mention what kind of oil would I use & how often? I
do the teaching & setting, letting him clean, get my drift?

Gerry Lewy (-5GMT)
Toronto, Ontario.

Wow Thanks for all the good information. This tool is a life saver if your hands aren’t strong well worth the $$$.
Michelle Sandler

I wouldn’t steer you, or anyone wrong!
People wanted facts & I gave it to them.
OMGosh! I had some measurements of the
hammer-anvils & diagrams. I nearly forgot
to post them…;( Will do that today!
Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone
(-5 GMT)

I love my hammer handpiece.
It is so wonderful that we have a place to share
Cant wait to make a hammer-anvil
Hugs from hot, raining and windy So Florida

Michelle Sandler

In the Badeco handpiece is a screw that is open in the middle and can be used for lubrication.
Warm greetings

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sabinebekkers, please send an image/photo of the handpiece with detail of the screw you mentioned. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay.

So do not take it apart, put the oil in the holes.

Last year I took mine apart, just to oil it…very, very bad $$ move! No
one could put that handle back together again, had to buy a new one…:>(
Drop a ‘few drops of oil’ where the openings are. I found more bushings and
bearings. Even my tool-supplier couldn’t find any schematics on the
handles’ layout. Dropping oil, is far cheaper than buying a new one, trust

*Gerry Lewy *

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Gerry, which hammer handpiece brand
do you use?

I use a “Bedaco”, it is far easier to use with a “Flex-Shaft” attachment.
It has loads more flexibility!

*Gerry Lewy *

  • (905) 886-5961 *

Gerry, the one with the duplex spring?

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