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Hammer hand piece tips


I just ordered a hammer hand piece with an anvil tip and a texturing
tip. I bought it to make it a little easier and neater to tack down
those bezel settings.

I’d appreciate hearing about all your great hammer hand piece tips
and techniques – for bezel setting and all kinds of other jobs that
you use it for.

Virginia Lyons


Me too me too! I just got mine and I love it! - great for spreading
rivets on hinges without the need for 4 hands. I would love to know
what else can be done with it - do I recall a book mentioned ages ago

  • off to the archives I think.

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023


Hello Virginia, Run the hammer handpiece slowly. It is not like the
the flex-shaft work you are used to. Be careful around stones. You can
hit a stone about a zillion times before you can move the hammer away.
The finish put on by the pointed tip is called a stipple finsh and is
great fun. The contrast between stipple and a high polish is neat. Have fun.
Tom Arnold


VIRGINIA, i HAVE USED A HAMMER HANDPIECE for about 10 years .They have
served me well.I now use a pneumatic one with the gravermax and it is
far and away much more controllable and safer. the mechancal ones
should be used with a flexshaft motor with a gear down unit on it for
more control. Happy setting, Mike


Thanks, I plan to practice on some hold juck pieces. I have this
drawer where I throw all my failures. I like to pretend that it isn’t
there, but now I have a use that stuff. :))