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Halstead Employee Studio


So the Halstead’s built us a studio back in 2014. They converted an old storage room into an area where we can take in-house classes and have guest instructors come to show us new skills. The purpose was to teach us how the stock that we sell is used, especially for the CSR team so they have the knowledge to help customers on the phone when they have questions. In 2015 they began to train me with off-site private instructors and Yavapai College so that with each new skill that I learned I could then turn around and show the employees. In 2016 I became the Studio Coordinator and I moved my office into the old library at one end of the studio so I would be on hand to assist employees working on projects. I’m thankful every single day. Here’s what they built for us:


This is so lovely but far too neat to be a real studio! You should see mine! (Then again, maybe not!)

Denny Diamond



Ha, ha, ha. I know right? I spend quite a bit of time keeping it clean for us, but I know what you’re talking about. I went to several studios that really looked lived in. :wink:


If you need or want this setter to put on a 3-5 day program. I am available, maybe we can make this into a great learning experience for everyone…:wink:
Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!


Hi Gerry,

I love your pieces on Ganokosin and appreciate you explaining in detail your processes. Unfortunately, we don’t have stone setting on the schedule for 2018 but appreciate you reaching out. Thank you and I can’t wait to read more posts from you on Ganksin.


Looking forward to having a kiln in the studio! We’re currently having it installed. We just need to paint the two metal cabinets and put on a table top and set the kiln in the corner. So excited! Trying to decide what to do first, leaning towards en enameled or PMC piece.Kiln-SpaceKiln


We’ve finished the kiln installation, some painting and strapped the hammers to the stumps. Now to start our employee training…