Hallmarks in Ontario

Hi, I’m a student at OCAD who is thinking about his future in the
business. I’d like to have a hallmark (maker’s mark, i’m not sure of
the proper terms) made so that I can stamp pieces I make. What is
the procedure for registering a maker’s mark in Canada?

Chris Kasurak

Hi Chris,

You will be dealing with Canadian Intellectual Properties Office, a
department of the Federal Govt. This link:


will get you started. Basically, you come up with a design and then
you can search a database to see if anyone is using is - then you
make an application and begin using your trademark/maker’s mark.
Using your mark is important - it establishes ownership. It takes
about 3 - 5 months for final approval. There are fees involved.

Good luck,
Donna Hiebert Design

Hi Chris,

your teachers should know this, try Ken V.

Here in Calgary we would go to the federal building and find the
industry canada trademark office. They let you search for logo type
there. text searches are here


on canadian trademarks and how to register is here


Steps are, choose mark, search for duplication. submit mark (and pay)
wait (and legally use your mark while waiting) Get approved or if
disaproved start over again.


Hi Chris

You are looking for a registered trade mark. The first thing you need
to do is design the trade mark you would like to use. Prepare it in a
photo ready black on white format, you will need it for your
application. Then contact a company that specializes in trade mark
applications. Out here in Alberta, I used “Arvic Search”. They might
have an office in Toronto. Get an application from them and prepare
it. You will need to submit it to them with a retainer. They will
search your trade mark throughout north America. If it is available,
you can apply for it…if not, it is back to the design board again.
Once you have an accepted trade mark, it is listed, and they allow
time for anyone to contest it. If no one does, it is yours. I got
mine years ago, but if my memory serves me right, the process took
close to a year, and I think was about $800 CDN. Once you have your
mark, you can have to have a punch made and start marking your
pieces. In Canada, you are not supposed to apply a quality stamp
unless it is accompanied by a registered trade stamp as well.

Dave Mereski