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Hallmarking instructions for Canada

Can anyone provide instructions on the steps to having a hallmark
registerd - I am trying to find out this process and how to “stamp"
my jewellery etc. I have visited the Canadian Precious Metals
Marking Act however, this seems to just explain the act, not the
"steps” and “process” of getting this done. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Heidi denHartog


You asked about registering a hallmark in Canada I registered my
trademark about 5 years ago, so the that I have is 5
years old, but is probably still valid I believe that Canada does not
use the term Hallmark, but rather uses a Trademark that is stamped
along with the precious metal quality mark. In order to register my
trademark, I went through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
I used the booklet " A Guide to Trademarks" The on the
inside cover (published in 2000) is

Client Service Center
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Industry Canada
Place du Portage I
50 Victoria Street
Room C-229, 2nd floor
Hull Quebec K1A 0C9
Phone # (819) 997-1936

The process is laid out very clearly in this booklet It cost me $150
to submit my application and then another $200 once the application
was accepted. The trademark is valid for 15 yrs after which you have
to renew it for a few hundred more.

It took over a year to work through the whole process, I applied on
April 10 2002 and my trademark was finally granted on May 29, 2003

Good Luck
Milt Fischbein
Calgary Alberta Canada