Hallmark: Tricia's Sterling

Does anyone know about a jeweler who stamps their work: Tricia’s

I recently purchased a “vintage” piece of jewelry stamped “Tricia’s
Sterling.” It is a very large and complex piece that is both a pin
and pendant. It is about 4 inches long and 2+ inches wide. It is
AMAZING. It has a number of stones (including very high quality
rutilated quartz and garnets) set in sterling silver that has been
plated with 24k. The originality is stunning and the craftsmanship
top of the line. It almost looks like something that could be

I would very much like to know more about this artist and would
appreciate anyone who might have to share it. Thank you!

Must be Tricia Young in Churchville, VA 540-337-6135 e-mail:
[triciayoung at triciayoung.com] She only enamels now. Her pieces
were always magnificent and still are. I just spoke to her and she
invites you to contact her.

Dikra Gem Inc.

THANK YOU so much Diane. I will contact her. It is always so
meaningful to be able to connect in person with the “artist” who has
created something so beautiful and meaningful.


Were you able to get to Tricia’s site from the link? It took me to a
page for a different Tricia. not jewelry/metal/enamel.

Janet in Jerusalem

Re Tricia’s Sterling. Call her. She is lovely and will be glad to
talk with you.

I called Tricia Young and we had a wonderful and inspiring chat. She
is now working with enameling on very 3D pieces. Here is a photo of
what she is doing now: http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/1uw

Her work continues to be most impressive. Thank you for assisting
with my connecting with her. Christa