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Hallmark Stamps for Argentium Silver

I use nothing but 925 and 970 Argentium these days.

Are these correct Hallmark Stamps for 92.5 Argentium: 925 Sterling
Silver Also: 925 Sterling, Sterling Silver

Are there other stamps for 925 Argentium (like AS, etc.).

How about 970 Argentium (97% silver):

970 Sterling Silver
Also: 970 Sterling


Are there other stamps for 925 Argentium (like AS, etc.). 

Hi Jon, timely question because as it happens the marking for
Argentium Silver is undergoing something of a transition as the
Argentium Silver Company is making the move out of the academic
sphere and into the corporate world.

At one point there was an official “as” logo/mark but it’s my
understanding that that has been discontinued. A new mark will be
designed and promoted by the new corporate owners… but that’s
probably going to be a mid-term as opposed to a short-term project
for them.

In the meantime what to do, yes? As was proposed a year or more ago
here on Orchid the addition of “AS” to the standard sterling marks
has been adopted by some makers as the “unofficial” Argentium Silver
mark. It’s not a bad compromise and has the advantage that a small
"AS" stamp can be had from places like for a modest

Of course in some places, the UK for instance, adding an
"unofficial" stamp to your work is out of the question so in that
case one reverts back to the standard sterling marks.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
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