Hallmark stamp for Argentium

What is the best way to identify Argentium other than Maker’s Mark
and Sterling? I understand an Argentium Stamp is in the works. Is
there a supplier at this time?

Many Thanks,

Robert Oppecker
Williamsburg, VA

Yes I am wondering about that too, since I work mostly with


Trevor answered this:

Argentium still contains the same amount of silver as Sterling. The
only difference being the use of Germanium and reduction of copper,
I’d say use your 925 stamp until, if and when, a new mark is created
and accepted world wide. Better safe than sorry.

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Thanks Michele. The article on Argentium is informative. Marking as
Sterling is necessary but an internationally accepted additional
marking for Argentium would be wonderful. “AS” makes sense but
without consensus it just looks like an additional makers mark. My
work is fairly large. I may look into having a stamp that says
"Argentium" made up for the time being. I do not think this would
break any marking laws in USA.

Robert Oppecker

I think that Jeff Herman announced recently that stamps are now
available for Argentium Silver. I think he said that Rio Grande has
them. Other suppliers may have them as well, though.