Hallmark - PK initials

Does anyone know the name of a manufacturing company that uses, or
used, the initials PK? The P faces backwards so that both letters
share the vertical line in the P and K. Any help would be greatly

Thank you in advance,


concerning your stamp. Bob Mitchell was the president of SNAG about
15 years ago and he did a cd rom of hallmarks. it had the persons
hallmark, a couple of pieces and their bio. that is one place to
look, also there are books on silvermarks, antique stores use them
often. finaly, if you are worried about someone else having your same
mark. get a white piece of paper, draw it up with a fine line sharpie
any size you want and send it to a stanp making place like micro
stamp. they will shrink it down to what ever size you want, usually
1-2mm, that way you have your own custom stamp…and it could look
super cool too!

my friend did his initials RH in a circle so it looks like a peace
sign. I also have 4 or 5 custom stamps that have a design with my
initials and a place within the design to stamp the karet of the

good luck PK