Half moon cut stone

The Christmas rush is starting and I already have a challenge. I
need a light yellow, straw colored stone, I was thinking citrine, in
a half moon cut. I have searched the Internet and found several but,
have never dealt with these companies before, The Gem Hut, GGGems and
MultiColour. If anyone has had any experience with these companies I
would greatly appreciated your input. If any one on Orchid has one to
sell that would be better!

Thank you,


If you were looking for an inexpensive stsone I would try Vista Gems
in Skillman, NJ 908-281-5853


Kay El Co. in Dallas Texas 800-231-7475

I have bought stones from both of these places and sometimes when
you want unusual and cheap they come through…A simple phone call
to either should answer your questions…But make sure you look at
the stone first and look for parcel wear or small chips ( they put
all their stones together at shows and sometimes there is
damage…but the prices are usually good) hope this helps!