"Half-Ground" Round bur?

Hello fellow “Orchidians” and Karen C…in particular !


My little “least known round bur” I constantly use, is used
primarily for cutting and shaping Bezel Walls prior to setting a
Cabochon stone. Why is this bur so different you might ask? Well,
the size of the bur should be equivalent to the curvature of the
stone being set. Simple? Simple but just a basic fact that the
different size of the ‘round bur’ follows the contours of the stone.
This simple procedure “cuts” a smooth finish in the inside of the
bezel wall as it shapes and prepares for the actual placement. It
"cuts and smoothes" from the base of the bezel to the top of the
bezel wall.

Why must “you” use a small round bur to clean any metal shavings
direct from the casting process? Another small bur to clean the
vertical walls of the bezel and a series of burs to try and finalise
the ackward angles to match your stone. With this flat bottomed bur
with teeth of the cup design, that is matching the stone
itself…all of this is done in one easy step!!!

But you ask why is it flat on the bottom? Glad you asked ! Do you
see a seat or step for which the stone is resting? This innovative
hand made designed bur will also clean any imperfections to this seat
or resting spot for your Cab-stone right INTO the deep corner of the
bezel, no round bur can do .

Well now you’ve been told about this bur, where do you buy this bur?
You don’t and can’t, but you

can make a “full series” of these burs yourself. Secure in a mini
hand-held vise grip any one of these round burs, preferably with its
cutting teeth sharp and clean. Apply this bur extension to your
bench grinder at a series of touching to the rotating wheel and
remove little amounts of the bur as it is being rotated. You must
above all keep the bur cool to the touch, or you will make this bur
loose its machine made “hardness”. Keep it well cooled at all times
and keep your jar of water within easy reach! The bottom flat must
be as it is stated, flat and noticing that the teeth at the bottom
edge must be sharp and coming to a point, so to speak…Now you can
make any size of round bur to fit your Cabochons

This “bur idea” was presented in the Spring-2004, issue of the
"Bench" magazine (page 15) and the AJM trade magazine in April
listed under “New Tools” …"Gerry, the Cyber-Setter ! "