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I am not a flea market or a yard sale - I never haggle. I do tell
the customer nicely that the item is fairly priced due to the
content of material and craftsmanship (also including how the work
was done). If they walk away, they really didn’ t want it that
bad. More times than not, they come back and purchase the item
anyway. I think you set a personal pressident if you haggle, the
word will get around. IMHO

Hi Rick (and folks),

I’m convinced there is a certain element of our society who feels
that they have to haggle (and win) in order to get the “best
possible deal.” They are not emotionally satisfied unless they do.
It’s not just buying jewelry… have a garage sale and you’ll see
the same thing.

(Side note: I recognize in some societies this is normal, but it’s
pretty unusual in the U.S… except maybe in buying a car.)

No matter how much the item is a give-away, they still have to
beat you up for some additional advantage. I suspect these people
get beaten up all week long on their jobs or by their spouses and
have to go through this game in order to recharge their

Dr. Freud will see you now… :wink:

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)