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Gypsy Setting

I am dying to learn how to do a gypsy setting. Can anyone
direct me to a book that explains it in excrutiating detail? Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Dear Yumi

There are many books that explain how to do a Gypsy setting.
Here’s two: -Jewelry: Concepts And Technology by Oppi Untract.
Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight.

George Hebner

Aloha Yumi, One of the best books, in my opinion, that covers
this and other techniques, in excruciating detail, is “Setting of Gemstones” by Walter Zeiss. This book was originally published in
german and is available in the US in english(maybe available in
Japanese as well, by now.). I believe Rio Grande(here in the US)
sells it, as well as other larger jewelry supply houses. Hope
this is of help.

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

Aloha Christian, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, when I
called Rio Grande, they did not have this book in stock, nor did
they even know of it. I tried Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I
drew a blank on all of them. Could you give me more info, such as
the publisher, what year it was published, etc.? I’d really
appreciate it. Thanks again!

gratefully, yumi
burned out paralegal
los angeles


If I understand you correctly, you wish to know how to bezel set
stones. Do you mean faceted or cab stones? In eather case, you
must cut a seat the same size as the stone (by hand if a fancy
shape) and, after beveling the top of the bezel, simply hammer it
down & toward the stone until it touches it evenly all around.
Use a round shafted tool in a holder w/a slighlty sharp
end-perhaps an old beading tool-and burnish the inside edge
around the stone to remove any small gaps between the bezel &
stone & to impart a bright, smooth finish. Carefully emery the
top of the bezel smooth & polish. Of course, some stones lend
themselves to this rather dangerious method more than others. A
corundom (ruby family) which is very tough is ideal whereas an
opal or cameo present somewhat more of a problem. And don’t even
think of burnishing those bezels! Hope I’ve been of some help and
if I can answer any more questions, please e-mail me directly to
reduce traffic on the listing.

Steve Klepinger

hi yumi, try gia bookstore. i’m sure they have it. gia has a
website, i don’t know about the bookstore, but i’m sure you can
get someone there to send you a catalog. best regards, geo fox