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I previously posted an overall complimentary description of
which, because of new developments, may have been premature, and I
thought other Orchid members might wish to know the latest.

In my previous posting, I mentioned that had been bought by Things have changed. is once again a
stand-alone site although they seem to have retained some reciprocal
relationship with Ashford. The result of the split is that Guild is
vastly understaffed with a huge backlog of juried-in work that has not
been put on-site (including the slides which I submitted May 24).
They have sent their artists a notice that no new work will be
accepted or posted until February, 2002. That leaves all of us who
are currently under-represented on the site (I have had only two
images on-line for the last 5 months) in a very disadvantageous
position for the next five months minimum, including the holiday

I’m sure you can tell from my tone that I’m not happy with this
situation. While has been a “useful and well-managed” site
(my previous description) they do not appear to be either one at the
present time. I would urge all Orchid members to take this into
account when considering whether to apply to Guild in the future or

Beth Rosengard