Guidelines for using torch tips

When soldering, what are the guidelines for using the different tip

Glynis P Buersmeyer

I use an acetylene torch with Smith tips. In general, it depends on
how large the piece it that you are heating.

I make jewelry and do many bezel settings. I’ve found that typically
I use either my NE-180-00 (the smallest I have) for smaller pieces
and the NE-180-0 for pieces that need more heating. I have had to use
larger tips for larger pieces on occasion, but you must remember that
with too much heat you run the risk of burning bezel or silver sheet.

This website has a nice chart of the heat output for the torches I


Good luck!

What torch are you using? Little Torch or fuel/air?

What torch are you using? Little Torch or fuel/air? 

I am using the smith torch handle here
Smith Torch Handle - NE180A which is the acetylene/air torch
(not the smith little torch- it uses different tips)

if you are looking to get a starting kit for acetelyene here is a
good ‘kit’ wish i would have known
about this supplier when i started, i’m sure i paid in the $260-$280
range easily.

a B cylinder costs about $90-100 ( )
and a refill is around $30 these days, but it lasts me a long time.