Guatemala Jewelry Attractions

I am taking a trip to Guatemala and will be in country for about 11
days starting 5/28. If anybody on the Orchid list could give me some
tips on seeing quality crafts I would appreciate it. Are there any
Orchidians in Guatemala?

My husband and I are particularly interested in jewelry and wood.
Of course we are also looking forward to seeing and purchasing some
of the wonderful woven items handcrafted in Guatemala. We love
visiting workshops and studios where good craftspeople make their
art. We have our pet crafts but love to see any craft done well!
Replies on or off line are welcome.



You will love Guatemala! Make sure you get to the Sunday Markets.
The one at Chichicastanega (sp) probably murdered that spelling.

Look for Guatemalan Blue Jade, it works up very nicely.

I personally love the handwork of the locals, you will find much in
Fiber and Woods. The weavers and carvers are imaginative.

Have a wonderful trip, enjoy all Guatemala has to offer, the beer is
great. Climb Atitlan if you have the chance.


Hello Pat!

Welcome to Guatemala!

I hope you will enjoy your trip very much! Guatemala is a beautiful
country and indeed the people here are very talented!!

We have a casting factory in Guatemala. You are more than welcome to
visit us. If you are planning on it, please come at the beginning of
your trip as we will be a day or two away from flying to exhibit at
the JCK Show in Las Vegas.

This is my contact

Rachel Silber
Abraxas Internacional S.A.  | Factory
33 Calle 27-01  Zona 12,  Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA  CA  01012
TEL:  011.502.2.442.5226   2.442.1800  2.442.1810 | Fax 011.502.2.442.0898
Cell 011.502.5.216.2420

I recommend you spend time in La Antigua Guatemala as well. This is
the old capitol and is a beautiful city. There are lots of exquisite
nooks and crannies, fabulous restaurants, incredible architecture and
arts and crafts everywhere you turn.

You will enjoy yourself very much.

We have very good friends in Antigua Guatemala. They have several
Jade shops and have lived in Guatemala more than 30 years. They can
really help you out!

Jay and Marylou Ridinger
Jades S A
4a Calle Oriente #34
e-mails: or

I hope that helps!
Enjoy your trip!!


You will be amazed what Guatemala has to offer. Antigua is a must.

If you are in the Tourist Sector for Dinner " INCA Grill " & for
Breakfast “Cebollinas”

Kenneth Singh