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GRS organisation

I’ve been tearing apart a utility room in the basement to convert into a bench space here at the house little by little. I decided I needed somewhere to put all my GRS dovetail attachments when I don’t have them mounted on the bench, so I could get them out of the way. Rather than spending $30 a pop for the GRS dovetails just to hang bits up on the wall, I made my own in CAD and 3D printed them to work as attachments, so I’d have somewhere to hang things. Only one I use a genuine steel dovetail for is that standard block, because it’s just so heavy, I’m not sure if I trust even carbon-fiber-impregnated PETG to hold it securely.


Great idea! Would you be willing to share the file?

Sure! It’s basically just a reverse-engineering of the GRS plate, though.

Dovetail.STL (225.8 KB)