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GRS engraving classes

If anyone has taken the one-week engraving class at GRS in Emporia,
KS, I’d like to hear about your experience. I am thinking of taking
a class with Sam Alfano and as I research my travel expenses, they
are turning out to be pretty prohibitive as I will be traveling from
Hawaii during the Spring Break period. Plane fare alone is in excess
of $900.00.

Please contact me offline with any and insights about the
course, the facilities, the instructor and the travel experience.
I’ll be flying into Kansas City and renting a car.

Thanks for any

A friend and I took Sam’s class in engraving with GRS in Kansas last
fall. It was really excellent. He is a very good teacher- very
knowledgeable, with clear instructions and achievable expectations.
My purpose in attending was to incorporate some engraving into my
jewelry designs and not necessarily to engrave firearms or knives
(although that is what my friend was interested in learning). We
both came away learning what we wanted and having a lot of respect
for master engravers. However, we both also came away with the
ability to do engraving (not on Sam’s level of course) but an
excellent beginning. The students were from all over the country
with a variety of goals and interests but the group all got along
great and Sam supported the sharing of our own techniques (when
appropriate). I highly recommend the class.

Dianne Fisher Kroll DianneDesigns Chicago