GRS Benchmate modification

Hi All, …been meaning to ask…
I’ve been successfully using my GRS Benchmate for years to do finish work on my wedding rings. It works perfect for narrow bands, but for wider (7 to 10mm) the jaws are quite angled (see picture) and the clamping is much compromised. Because there’s so many smart/experienced people here, I thought I’d ask- Has anyone done a mod or have a good solution to this issue? Ideally jaws would be parallel clamping (like their engraving blocks) but I can’t see a way to make that happen and maintain the functionality/clearance of the standard system. Ideas anyone?

Sources for Great ring holding tool to be used with engraving block or GRS block:
You can also buy a GRS Ring holder that designed to be held without a block

  1. ID Ring Holder - GRS
  1. Horizontal Inside Ring Holder for GRS Benchmate Encore Contenti 110-202 | Contenti

  2. GRS® Inside Ring Holder for Vises | Gesswein

  3. GRS® ID Ring Holder | Gesswein


  5. G04-679 - GRS Inside Ring Holder for Vises

Hi LaLinda,
Thanks for that. I already have those holders and use them when I can. I should have been more specific. I often need to clamp on ring edges, not the I.D. because my rings are made up of different pieces (which I do work on before assembling into ring).


this is not a benchmate holder, but it does attach to grs dovetail mounting plate…could use along with grs leather pads…

here is same item at otto frei
with details below regarding optional fixed and swivel pin plated pin plates


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Here are two options



Hi Jo,
intetesting! i never thought to use the flat wooden pullouts cfor taping sandpaper!


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Thanks everyone for your ideas. They all helped me realize I REALLY didn’t want to give up my existing Benchmate. It’s too easy to use and gives the best clearance to workpiece. After thinking about it some more I modeled the holder and designed a spreader piece I was able to print and install in the fingers of the holder. It works perfect :-)! Happy to share the stl file if anyone else has a use for such a thing.


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great thinking and problem solving! looks good!


Well Jeff … maybe a different tool?? Got one one of them old victor vises … wide bands … nah. Hold them from the inside!! GRS makes some inserts that I think fit their stuff … works in my big ass old vise too. I’m half blind … cataract surgery next week … no kidding, Look at Lindsey Tools “expanding cosmos” I swear that is what it look like. But … I’m not legal to drive … so. I will send pics if you need me to. You got about a week before my eyes … well, need to heal. The GRS ones are pretty good, but you change a lot of collets … the Lindsey one just rocks. Same tool … lots of sizes. Tight as f***. … you are using the wrong tool in my humble opinion. Old habits get in the way sometimes :). Hold it from the inside.

I think they all fit in the Benchmate kinda. It’s just pin placement. If needed … can send pic tomorrow.