Group insurance programs for artists

I am interested in joining a crafts/ artists/ jewelers group that
offers insurance for my jewelry studio at home, for my inventory at
home, while in transit to shows, during craft fairs and protects me
from customers’ injuries from wearing my jewelry or possibly tripping
in my booth. Does anybody have experience with an artist group that
offers this service for an affordable price? Any references are


Try search engine and put in your state i.e. Pennsylvania Artist
Guild and you should see something here the Pittsburgh Arts has
health plans and links to other insurance


I would contact your local small business association. You can find
out where they are in your state on the web. They are not only
helpful in providing the insurance you want but also with business
plans, tax advice and much more. I really have found them a great

Hope it helps,
Linda Reboh

Dear Willy,

A couple of years ago, there was an informative article about
insurance in Crafts Report Mag. As a result, I contacted RLI out of
Peoria and they sent a rep to the studio to check out the place. I
ended up with a BOP plan that covers me for a million dollar
liability both on and off premises. It also covers me for theft up to
a determined level and for a $1, I am covered by federal gov policy
for nuclear (snort- like who is going to be left!) attack or
terrorist attack. They max out at $100,000 theft coverage- not
appropriate for stores I guess since they have more inventory. This
coverage is designed for individuals like artists, craftspeople, and
for me, a small jewelry school. It costs for $50,000 of theft
protection about $850 per year. Flood insurance is another matter-
this is for liability mostly. It’s an ouch of course, but peace of
mind is important. Desperate times more probability of theft and
liability issues unfortunately. Good luck.

Ruthie Cohen