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Ground walnut shell

To UK based Ochidiands. Does anyone know where I can get ground
walnut shell. I would like to try it for polishing work in my
tumbler. I have heard that it produces a very good finish.


Manchester minerals
1 Ib bags dri shine I crushed walnut shell with rouge =A33.30
1 Ib bags dri shine III corn maize media with compound =A33.30
tel 0161 477 0435

use almond shells, they are more readily available in powder form
and is used in paint applications.

You can get plain walnut shell from Balco in Birmingham I can’t
remember the price . One of the lapidary people sells Rouge
impregnated shell,ok for gold you really need the green for silver.
It might have been Evans ? I have the cat on file somewhere , I will
dig it out if you like (if I can find it) tim.

You can buy walnut shell at any gun shop It’s used by reloaders to
clean and polish the empty brass casings prior to reloading I use
about a teaspoon of ground rouge (red) in mine and it’s been
polishing away for about seven years without changing it!!