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Ground up black holes

Don’t you think the black holes may have passed through the
refiner’s?? They’ve probably been redistributed all over the
world by now. 8^) Chink

Even worse than that Chunk, they don’t bother separating them
out but regrind them up into the gold they sell everyday! They
lodge in the space between the atoms being attached to vailent
electrons. You know your in trouble when a diamond your bead
setting just goes away into the void. No sound, no glint of
light, nothing. One nano second its there the next it’s gone.
Odiously you’ve just pushed it into a black hole in the metal.
And not the drill hole with seat that you’ve carefully made
either. The only cure is to mine fresh gold yourself and then
refine yourself also. Then you can proudly display legend on
your jewellery that its micro black hole free. An of course this
is expensive so you can charge an extra 210%. Jim

Extremely funny Jim! This explanation fits beautifully with my
own observations.Perhaps our Orchid group could collaborate on a
group paper and shake up the world of science a bit. I’ve long
held the theory that since all materials disappear back into the
earth and that since all gold is refined, that therefore: A
certain amount of gold in the piece that you are working on is
CURSED! This is mummy gold from the ancient Egyptians (known
cursers, all). The amount of troubles you may have on a piece
can be directly correlated with the percentage of cursed gold in
your piece. Mike