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Groovy Tool and CLAMP

The GROOVY TOOL is on the move - from New York to Florida to
Michigan,and of course California. The response to this neat
tool for creating grooves with the flex shaft machine has been
gratifying. The tool opens up new dimensions in jewelry and box
design. The cutters may be used to pleat and fold the metal and
to even create tapered forms with both the 60 and 90 deg.
cutters. The tool can follow free form curves, with the master
cut from 1/8" masonite. the limit is your imagination.

For a complete description of the tool and some boxes made with
this tool look up the MASSC web site at
and click on the MASSC box for ‘Bench Tricks by Jack Burton’ and
also Boxes. The boxes are about 6 to 7" long; the stone frames
or bezels are “L” sections, which allows one to make large rigid
assemblies for soldering to the cover frames which of course is
another “L” section. The four boxes shown here are just a few of
the forty or more that my wife and I have created over the last
20 years. Contact me directly by e-mail and I will forward a more
complete brochure. Jack Burton

Jack, I remain very enthused following our meeting yesterday at
The Artist’s Studio. As you see, I have already joined the
faithful contributors to both Orchid and MASSC. Too, I now
recognize what you meant regarding e-mail overflow that had the
proportion of a tidal wave sans Noah’s arc, as I tuned in this
a.m. Many of the ‘tips and tools’ are of interest…both as
reminders and as innovative potentials.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting both you and your wife, to
briefly observe your wearable art and to share in your deep
knowledge and enthusiasm for ‘hands on’ jewelry construction.
Paul H.