Groove marker for rolling mill


i cannot recall if i already shared this DIY groove marker i made for my rolling mill.

the marker was just shaped out of a wooden dowel, and a hole drilled through to “just” fit the smaller wooden dowel rod

the wooden dowel rod is just tension fit between the “legs”



Julie, I need this! Thanks Vera

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Thxs great solution

How are you using this on metal? Are you grooving fine silver, sterling, or gold on wire? Very curious!

Hi Joanne,

So sorry to confuse you! My photo was to show how I made a wooden dowel as a “marker” to show what groove slot I was rolling in …My Cavallin mill did not come with one, and I kept seeing them on the Durson mills…

one day, this idea came to me…to make one and then “tension fit” it into the base using a thinner wooden dowel,as I always wondered how I could “attach” one to my mill if I would one for sale somewhere…(my not knowing how I would ever drill bolt holes into my mill!)


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Probably easier to just take a scrap of copper or any other metal, make a long very thin triangle, and curl the flat end around the crossbar dowel:

Janet in Jerusalem


My mill came with one and I would get lost without it. Good idea Julie…Rob

Hi Janet,
Of course your idea is genius and much more accurate and simple!
Thank you for adding this!


I like the friction-fit touch!