Grobet handpiece with small Foredom sander?

Hi, I am thinking about a belt sanders that Foredom offers.

which looks promising, I think this would be super useful. But I
don’t know if it would work with our two shaft tools or if it has to
be foredoom? Do you know? My other shaft tool is a no name brand, had
it for 10 years now, and the new one is a Grobet with the strandard
handpiece. If this would work it would save time, and possibly money.
Does anyone know if this will work and additionally where would be
the best place to get belts for it? I will be cleaning up casting
with it, and deburring some metal blanks out of copper, brass, bronze
and nickel silver.

If the Wolf Sander much better? Or is it just similar?

I know a bigger unit would be better but my problem is the price of
them here, a Craftman $79 belt sander in the US is about $250 here,
so it makes it tough to purchase this. At least for our little
workshop. Then we deal with the high price of shipping here which is
pretty crazy.

Anyway the young ladies are making huge strides right now, as long
as I can keep things fresh and new for them! They love to learn new

Laura Brito

Hi Laura,

I have spent some time playing with Foredom’s belt sander, but I
ended up going with Kate Wolf’s sander.

The Wolf sander has a 1inch wide belt compared to Foredom’s 7mm
wide, or .275 inches.

The Wolf sander is set up with a quick release for attaching to your
flex shaft cable. Foredom’s is attached to a #30 handpiece. Kate’s
sander is sold with a more traditional clamp for attaching to a
bench or table, or it can also be attached to a GRS benchmate using
an optional GRS adaptor. I believe that the Foredom sander is
primarily hand held.

Kate has also done a great job of working with 3M… so there is a
broad range of belts that can perform a multitude of jobs. The
Foredom I believe has 3 grits of belts (100, 180 and 240). There is
also a plastic attachment on the Wolf Sander so that you can attach
a vacuum off the end of the sander to collect your metal.

The Kate Wolf sander is more expensive that the Foredom tool, but I
think that it is much more versatile and might be better suited for
the types of work that you are looking at.

Good luck with your project. You are doing great work in Mexico!



I have used a Wolf sander for several years with no problem.


Hello Laura and all,

I love my Wolf sander. Hook up is easy (I leave mine permanently
hooked up to an extra flex shaft) and changing the belts is easy,
too. It’s a well-designed tool, perfect for my use in the studio.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Kate Wolf’s customer service is excellent, too. There was an
alignment issue with my sander, she replaced it promptly. Add
wonderful customer service to the reasons to consider her sander.

Happy sander owner

Rick Hamilton

I second Linda’s comments on the Wolf sander. It’s worth buying one
of those cheap flex shafts to keep the sander ready to use. I also
like that the belt tension can be loosened so that you can work on a
curved surface.

Judy in Kansas, where fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are sooooo good!

Thank you so much everyone for such wonderful I will be
definitely getting the Wolf Sander! I saw real fast how 1" is much
nicer than 1/2" and I like 3M products as well, so this has to be a
winner. And like many of you pointed out, the customer service is
wonderful too. Which is what makes a product great! Thank you again!
I am sure the girls will love it!

Laura Brito