Grizzly Industrial flex shaft

I am new to jewelry making and had been borrowing some kind person’s
silversmithing tools so I could starting learning a little on my
own. I now need to start purchasing some of my own tools and do not
want to spend tons of money on something that I do as a hobby.

I am now looking to purchase a flex shaft of some sort. I have seen
one for $50 made by Grizzly Industrial, it goes to 15,000 rpms and
has a foot pedal. How does something like this compare to the
Foredom? I also could be interested in buying a used flex shaft if
anyone has one.


Of course the Foredom is better, and if you can afford it, get it.
Look at the inexpensive hobbyist model at

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I understand the small budget and the need to buy low cost tools and
equipment. I, however, recommend buying the Foredom. The Foredom
products are better quality, and work with common accessories and
service parts.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.