Greg Fisher

On behalf of Martha, and our entire family, I wish to thank
everyone for the support, prayers and remembrances shared. The
number of e-mails, flowers and phone calls have been
wonderful…so many of them stating that they are unable to
express their feelings, yet they spoke volumes.

There are so many people, we hope that this note is not the
first notification regarding Greg’s passing away. He died on
Sunday, April 18th of a heart attack. It was so fast, he never
knew what hit him. Letters of condolence can be sent to P.O. Box
33400, Austin, TX 78764.

Martha is doing well, but will take another week before diving
back into business. As you all know, the business has been a
dual effort, which was shown in every e-mail and other
correspondence…it has always been Greg and Martha, and still is
– though one is contributing in spirit. We have been asked many
times (and want to assure everyone) that Martha is continuing;
“Business as usual” will commence around May 3rd, 1999…we
request everyone’s patience as we take a break and restructure to
assure the same level of service and assistance. "GregandMartha"
look forward to working with all of the wonderful people and
businesses that enriched Greg’s life as deeply as many have
expressed that Greg enriched theirs.

Tim Fisher and Lisa Fisher-Carroll