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Greetings Dave!

Dave, Windsor Gallery is a full line jewelry store. I do the
repairs,Wax carving and casting. I am trying to get more into
custom design. This summer, I went to Penland for two 2 week
sessions. Loved it. Would love to turn our store into a “New
Morning Gallery”. Please tell me more about your studio.

dave- if you dont know the New Morning Gallery in ashesville yet,
you need to get over there and see it. It is one of the finest
craft galleries in the South. I always make a detour thru
Asheville when I go up that way , just to go to N.M. and its
associate gallery dedicated to wearable art- Bellagio, I think
It’s called. anne s.

I agree with Anne S., I live in Knoxville and whenever I go to
Ashville, I try to stop in at New Morning. . .

If you go to Asheville to see the New Morning Gallery, be sure
to stop by 60 Biltmore Avenue to see Influx Gallery. It has
opened more recently than New Morning and has some wonderful
crafts. Right next door is a great bakery called “Blue Moon”.–
Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego California