Greeness of Green gold

Would a green gold in 18k composed of 750 Parts gold 215 parts silver and 36 parts copper be sufficiently green or more toward the yellow side of the colour spectrum?

It’s green-ish. It’s also very soft. All by itself it looks like off yellow-ish Gold. It only looks green to me when contrasted with a high karat 18-22KT yellow and/or rose gold. To get the best color contrast in colored golds I find that a satin finish shows it off the best. When highly polished the contrast disappears in all of the reflections. It’s a dream to roll, and manipulate because it’s so soft. Color matching solder is another thing though. I’ve mixed green gold 50/50 with yellow solder to get an approximate color match.
Have fun with it and post pics when you’re done.
Jo Haemer

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I prefer high karat yellow golds anyway, they are more true to the properties of 24k gold anyway. I was wondering another thing. Is there a way to legally solder fine silver or 24k gold? (And still be able to hallmark them as 999)

I know I can fuse, but you cannot fuse every joint. (Such as attaching bezel) So having to fuse them would be a design limitation, which there already is desired limitations due to there excessive softnesss, (but not unusablility as pure gold and silver wear more similar to platinum.)

I meant design not desired

It would be more yellow than just silver and gold. If you need additional hardness a touch of nickel will help.


Thanks for the replies and help :slight_smile: