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Green Sapphire at a wholesale price?

I have a friend who wants me to make his girlfriend’s engagement
ring with a bunch of channel set green sapphires. I haven’t seen any
available to purchase other than one website which specialized in
sapphires, but not at wholesale prices (upwards of $2000 per stone).
I tried to log in to Stuller, but I have to renew my account, etc. (I
let my business license expire and I don’t want to deal with getting
a new seller’s number unless I have to, since this is just for a
friend. I usually just order from Rio).

Before I bother with it, does anyone know if they sell this? or who
does sell them? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Cassandra Lee Ericson

try Gem Select… google green sapphires, lots of sights. Stuller
has none.

Strachura wholesale sells some interestingly coloured green
sapphires for about 35 bucks a pair for 5mm square cut, small round
brilliants (3.5 -4 mm and points in between) are about 8 bucks- if
not less for higher quantities. Also check out their "scooped lots"
they ell em occasionally and they run from about 50 bucks for 15
carats up to about 125 for 25 carats- the drawback is one has to
accept the colours they have on hand or in x offer - so out of 15
carats you may get 20 pieces of gradiated blue colours (meaning the
blues range/gradiate from a pale hue to a deeper traditional
’sapphire’ blue) and maybe 9-10 green, with perhaps 4 pieces of a
colour somewhere between indigo and purple.

Karl Fisher GmbH also has green sapphire rounds sometimes. It may
take a call! Dikra gem has what they market as 'green sapphire" but
they are usually green tourmalines !- be careful dealing with that
firm, for one thing they don’t put their prices on-line;I personally
dislike that -a lot! and you MUST know your stones to insure you are
getting what you ask for. Once I ordered some uniquely cut “chrome
diopsides” what I got were uniquely cut zircons or spinels! Not going
to deal with them myself but it is a resource you may want to check
out because their prices can be very low on some materials relative
to other resellers (like the more popular vendors).

Pioneer gems has a wide range of stones- but you have to negotiate a
better price than their listed prices as they are ridiculous! And in
a quantity you have leverage to work with- jut combine ANY stones you
may need soon, or to have on hand in the order and make sure, if you
haven’t dealt with them before, to reiterate you are a new and
potentially long-term customer and are weighing their stones and
services against not only other domestic resellers, but overseas
dealers who are in some instances mining, or buying direct from
miners and cutting the stones as well as selling them wholesale to
businesses. It may garner you far better prices.

those are a few sellers off the top of my head- If you need more
assistance feel free to contact me off list Best Regards. rer