Green sand suppliers in Montreal?

Hey friends. A facebook friend of mine asked me where to buy green sand for casting but i was a bit stumped as he lives north of the border near the south shore of Montreal. Any advice you can give me to pass on would be great.
Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Hi Gerald… I suggest “European Design Tools” here in Toronto @ 416-363-9078… The have everything you need… Mention my name!!!
Gerry Lewy!..just Sent from my iPhone!

Since green sand for casting is a mic of sand, bentonite clay and water, I would suggest sandblasting sand (fine) available from auto parts store (NAPA) and you can get the clay from here.

Water… The tap??


Its very easy to make green sand! Benonite clay is readily available though livestock supplies very cheap. I think I paid $15 for 50 pounds organic bentonite from Homestead Organics here in Ontario - they deliver around the province so you could check them out… Play sand you get at Home Depot, Rona etc and sift for the finer sand and just add water. See this link for step-by-step green sand casting instructions. Also see this link.

Another option for him is Petrobond which is sold on Ebay 10 pounds for $14.99. He can purchase 2 pounds up to 100 pounds. I have Delft clay and Petrobond, the Petrobond is every bit as good as the Delft.