Green goldstone

Does anyone have some on the Green goldstone? I was
told it was from Japan and came over here in US during the 60’s
in round like tubes .

Findings … I am looking for a wholesaler who has
the Magnetic clasp’s for neclaces , found some retail’d in Fla

thanks all this room Rocks

Hello, I do not have an answer for your question about green
goldstone, but as far as a wholesale supplier that carries
magnetic clasps…In the most recent wholesale catalog for Rings
& Things, they have strong magnetic clasps listed as:
Item#39-404 Small (5x11mm) @ $2.50/set or $21.60/dozen sets and
Item#39-406 Large (7x11mm) @ $3.00/set or $23.70/dozen
sets…Their Toll Free number is 1-800-366-2156. Good Luck,
Mark E. Cunha @Mark_E_Cunha

Actually the green goldstone is made in Germany for the glass
industry. Comes in a cylinder about 1" in diameter and about a
foot long. Ernie Phelps

Green goldstone has been available in pancake shape since the
60s. Unlike blue and gold, green has never been available in
thick chunks (broken from larger melts); it has always been in
puddled pieces about 1/2 to 5/8 inch thick, and up to 8 inches in
diameter. I, too, believe it comes from Japan. Orienting green
goldstone is easy - it always orients parallel to the pancake
surface; orienting the other forms is harder because of their
random fracture shapes.


The material has been widely used as a lapidary material.
Perhaps even more widely than for hot glass work. for making
beads, if you need smaller chunks, why not put it in a couple
layers of heavy plastic bag, and bash it with a hammer. You
should quickly end up with some nice small bits…

Peter Rowe