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Green Gold question

I am designing a lapel pin the is a caricature of an indigenous plant
and need to get the gold, as green as can be, anybody have any
suggestions? I would like to keep the karat up as high as possible,
but will sacrifice karats for greenage.


Chris -

If you want to purchase it, try Precious Metals West at

They have many colors available (see the “gold alloys” section of
their site) and they will custom blend for you also.

I have been quite happy with their metals.

Ivy in Oakland, Ca

Chris ,

Unfortunately "green" gold is a misleading term as it is not really

green but a pale yellow so you may want to think about things like
transparent green enamel if you really want the color green

James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

Hi Chris, The Greenest gold you will probaly find will most likely be
in the 10k range. Green gold in the 18k is not as green. You could
contact United precious metals at 800-9993463 ask for vinnie at ext
129. He should be able to let you know what the absolute greenest
alloy is. If you need a caster for it, please let us know.

Daniel Grandi model moldmaking,casting
,finishing in Gold, Silver , Brass, Bronze and pewter

Hello Chris,

Sorry for this late reply due to my vacation I had in France. Green
gold is made out of pure gold with pure silver and has a greenish
look but is not really green looking. For what it’s worth it.

Regards Pedro