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Great tips for a successful show

[-] Ask the buyers what they are looking for - what product and
price point are they trying find to fill in which “gap”

[-] LISTEN to their needs

[-] Keep your jewelry and show case glass clean

[-] Elevate your display cases, so buyers do not have to bend over
squint to see your work

[-] Have your Logo and identity prominent everywhere - cards,
signage, P.O’s, Invoices, glass blocks in case

[-] Keep in mind that a small independent store with a strong repeat
clientele could actually become your largest $$$ volume account

[-] Remember you are building a business and you are setting the
foundation for interaction with an account that could translate to
many many years of business.

[-] Be firm and professional - do not let a buyer ( from a
"prestigious" prospective account talk you into terms and prices that
will undermine your ability to make a profit) - but be open to
working with them to create a mutually beneficial relationship - most
buyers want to create a mutually beneficial relationship

[-] example: no across the board discounts - but you may offer a
for 1 ($value) exchange after 1 yr. - It will benefit you both
to move stale merchandise

[-] example - put into your pricing the ability to offer 2% net
10, or more (like 3-5%)if they pre-pay at the show.

[-] Look like a designer - well dressed, well groomed - and plan
ahead to get your hands looking nice if you are actually making
jewelry at the bench - this may involve taping your fingers for a
week or two before the show or getting a manicure

[-] If buyer wants to have a piece modified - tell them you will get
back to them on the price - and do it within 24 hours - do not wing

[-] Research

[-] trends are regional - research what is selling in what areas
of the county

[-] example: small tailored earrings in D.C. vs. big & bold in

[-] research the stores you want to sell to - their price points

[-] research what other designers they sell - know your

[-] Ask yourself : what will make the retailer buy my work vs.
another designers? How can I distinguish myself from the rest

[-] Encourage buyers to select a grouping of your pieces to tell a
story - not just buy 1 ring for the bridal case and a pair of
earrings for the earring section. The strong statement offering a
selection of your “look” to the consumer is going to give the
retailer opportunities for add-on and subsequent sales.

[-] DO NOT sit around your booth looking tired and bored - make sure
you take breaks to re-charge - if you look energized and engaging
buyers will pick up on it.

[-] Take seminars on selling - or read - you will get toms of useful
tips like “Do not ask the buyer questions that can be answered simply
with a YES or NO” ( check out the seminars offered at the show - this
may be a good thing to do while you are on a break.

[-] Hire & TRAIN sales assistants to manage you booth while you take

[-] Watch your delivery schedule - do not commit to delivery
deadlines you cannot meet

[-] CHECK the credit rating of each store with JBT - ALWAYS - it is
OK to ask other exhibitors - but use discretion, some will be open
and helpful, others will be short with you - you are the competition.

[-] If you sell bridal /wedding - discuss up front how much lead
time you need - if they call on Saturday can you ship for delivery
the next Wednesday???

[-] If the retailer wants promo material - tell them you will
provide to it at your cost - or if they order X$$$$ (you must know
your costs to determine the break even point) you will provide it at
no cost to retailer

[-] It is OK to say “this is my first show and although I do not
have that in place yet, I am willing to work with you to develop
something that will meet your needs” (this could apply to PR, or
merchandise, or Public appearances)