Great news!

Hi everyone,

I have two pieces of great news to share with all of you! First,
it’s looking an awful lot like I’m going to be a Dad, next summer!
My wife and I headed to her OB/GYN’s yesterday to see and hear our
future child’s heart, beating away! G-d, I can’t remember the last
time I had butterflies like that! (I’ve wanted kids practically
since I was one, but haven’t had the right circumstances until now.)
As I’m sure many of you already know from personal experience, this
is one exciting time for both of us! Add to that the fact that we’ve
just bought our first home and, well, like I’d said, we’re stoked!

Next up, throughout the past several years, many of you have asked
about the nature of the lapidary work that I do and wondered where
it could be seen… Well, finally, I have an answer for you.
Although the learning curve on creating a website is still proving
steeper than I’d anticipated, I did manage to place a few pieces on
the auction block at Ebay; two faceted gems and one of my
“Lightscapes” gem carvings. All three of them go “live” between
9-10pm, tonight, so if you’re curious, you can view them anytime
over the next seven days at the following URL’s:

ebay URL removed

In case I don’t have a chance to post again before we relocate to
our new digs, later this month, here’s to a happy, healthy and
fulfilling holiday season for all of us, regardless of the colors of
our own unique packaging or the “colors” of our religious and
spiritual beliefs. May He (or She?) who brought us here continue to
bless us all in the coming year.

All my best, as ever,

Douglas Turet
Turet Design
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