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Graves Faceting Machine

Hi Group.

I am considering getting the Graves MarkIV Faceting Machine. I
know that there are faceting machines out there that are higher
rated. Could some of you in this group tell me the advantages and
disadvantages of this machine compared to several of the more
expensive alternatives?

It might be best to reply direct to me instead of through the
Orchid forum if you have real bad things to say either way.

Thank you for your time. This group has the expertise needed to
help the novice.


I have been using a Graves Mark IV for seven years now and
really enjoy it. I decided on it for cost, portability,
repeatability and the fact I can use either 8" or 6" laps in it.
The only disadvantage so far is the motor, it is easily brought
to a halt with larger stones. I would not recommend the machine
if your are cutting stones over 10 carats most of the time.

Joe B.