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Gravermeister vs. Gravermax

Hi all. I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience using both
the Gravermeister and the Gravermax. My question is if there is a
noticable power difference, especially in stone setting, between the
two machines since the max can be dropped all the way down to 400
strokes. I have a goldsmith working for me that has a shoulder
injury and am trying to figure out which of these two machines will
be less stressful on him. I appreciate any input. Sean Olufson

Sean, I have a Gravermax and I have to say that the powers that be
would have to pry it from my hands with all the strength they could
muster… The gravermax is fully adjustable from 400 to 4000 srokes
per minute. The Gravermeister is only adjustable from 1600 to 2400.
While it adjustable I personally don’t feel there is enough of a
range. Both are made br GRS a great company, I would definatley go
with the Gravermax… I use mine EVERYDAY. I love it…It definitly
makes life easier… There will still be instances where you will
have to resort back to a punch and hammmer. but not many… You will
not be dissapointed… Oh by the way, I don’t know if your jeweler
is already using a “bench mate”, but if he isn’t get one… it is
made by GRS as well… That will certainly help to aleviate alot of
pressure from his shoulder…Good luck

Marc Williams

Sean, Marc is right both machines have its place I’ve been a hand
engraver 18 years and was very hard headed about getting the
Gravermax I did everything with arm strength, I handle a pretty heavy
work load hand engraving over 5000 jobs a year I broke down and
ordered the Gravermax with all the bells and whistles this January I
love it, I also ordered the sil.air compressor, with the compressor,
Gravermax and hand tools it was around $2400, I don’t use it on every
job but for things like family crest, relief rings and design work WOW
cut the work time in half. GRS is the place to go they will help you
with any questions you have, if you want to check them out go to Don’t be like me and wait 18 years GO FOR IT its a
great tool. About the Gravermeister you don’t need to get a
compressor but I personally didn’t like it for one thing its noisy.

Ron Proulx