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Gravermeister for Sale

hello Bill,
Your orchid message about a Gravermeister.
A friend of mine has a Gravermeiter and other equipment for engraving,
but wants to sell it all together.

Magnablock + attachments new $498.
Hone w/3 wheels new $579.
Gravermeister new $988.
2 hand pc. new $318
cost $2383 also have Gravers + steel Plates

will sell for $1850. + cost of shipping.

I have seen the items and all are very clean. Something happened to the
guy and he could not use them. He just purchased them.
You may contact him directly,
He is an instructor at Gem City College. Quincy, IL
Phone #(217)222-0391
His name is Jim Phillips

Hopefully you can use the other items.

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have rec’d the new GRS catalog, could I please get
some input or suggestions from you as to what you think of it? It would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jonathan Didde, GRS Tools @glendo